Defines the details of an insurance product offer.

ProductOffer defines the following properties:

Name Type Description
Product ProductDetail The product data for this product offer.
Insured InsuredOffer[] The collection of insured who are elligible for this product, and for whom coverage is included in the quoted premium.
DeclinedInsured InsuredDecline[] The collection of insured who were included in the OfferRequest used to generate this product offer, but who are inelligible for the coverage.
Premium Decimal The net insurance premium.
AdminFee AdminFeeDetail The admin fee, if any, associated with this offer.
Tax Decimal The total tax applicable to this offer. Price-inclusive taxes, such as VAT, are not included in this value.
Total Decimal The total product cost (a combination of Premium, Admin Fee, and Tax)
PremiumDetail PriceDetail Provides a detailed pricing breakdown (applicable discounts, taxes, etc) to indicate how Premium was determined.
ExactPrice Boolean Indicates whether the quoted price is an exact price, or if additional coverage details are required to provide the exact price. This may be the case for medically underwritten products, or products with an optional deductible, where the exact price is dependent on a medical survey or deductible option.
IsMedicallyUnderwritten Boolean Indicates whether the quoted product requires medical underwriting.
IsGHIPLimitExceeded Boolean Description missing.
Note String Provides a note associated with this product offer. Typically this is used to convey the reason a product has been excluded from the overal insurance offer.