GET Offer/Category/Lookup/{client}/{channel}/{broker}?effectiveDate={effectiveDate}

This API is used to retrieve a category grouping code by Client, Channel, and Broker.

GET Offer/Category/{client}/{categoryGroup}?effectiveDate={effectiveDate}

This API provides a list of available products, optionally grouped in a set of product categories, as determined by client configuration.


GET Offer/Product/{client}/{product}/Certificate?effectiveDate={effectiveDate}

This API provides the certificate of insurance for a product in PDF form.

GET Offer/Product/{client}/{product}/DistributionGuide?effectiveDate={effectiveDate}

This API provides the distribution guide for a product in PDF form.

GET Offer/Product/{client}/{product}/Exclusions?effectiveDate={effectiveDate}

This API provides the exclusions summary guide for a product in PDF form.

GET Offer/Product/{client}/{product}/{documentCode}?effectiveDate={effectiveDate}

This API provides the document for the product requested.

GET Offer/Product/{client}/{product}?effectiveDate={effectiveDate}

This API provides details about an insurance product.

GET Offer/Product/{preExCode}

This API provides the Pre Ex details for the provided Pre Ex code.


The responsible for processing requests for insurance offers.

POST Offer

Issues an insurance offer. The products included in the response are dependent on client configuration and eligibility based on the requested coverage.


POST Policy/Purchase

This API issues insurance policies.